My Past, Present, Future


I have been thinking a lot here lately about my past, present, and future. So here is a little glimpse of my past, present and what I wish my future to be like.


My past isn’t that bad. I always felt like I had everything. My family was always together through thick and thin. And my parents always made sure we had food on the table, clothes on our backs, and shoes on our feet. So yeah I guess you can say my past was pretty much what everything a kid could wish for. I had a steardy home, family who was always there for me, and everything I ever needed.


My whole family used to do everything together. But now its kinda like we have faded away from each other. My cousin Kaytlin got married in March and so now it doesn’t feel right without her here. I mean don’t get me wrong I love her husband Justin to death! But I really miss her because I was so used to seeing here everyday. But now that she lives in Jacksonville, Florida I won’t be able to see her a few months out of the year. And my grandparents are getting up there in age so now I feel like I won’t have them for very long and so I am worried about what will happen to my family after they are gone because they are the ones that are kinda the glue that holds us together. And when I was little I thought money basically grew on trees. Which I mean in a way I guess you can say it does because money is made from paper and paper is made from trees. But know that I am older I know that times are rough and I won’t always get what I want. And I understand that 100%. My parents have taught me through my life time to save my money because the economy will just get worse and worse. But so far life have thrown some curve balls at me but hey thats life! 🙂


In my future I plan on graduating high school and then going to a small community college. And then get my degree in becoming a nurse. And then maybe after that if everything goes smoothly I will become a doctor. But at the same time I see myself getting married at a young age. My mom was 18 when she got married and I see myself following in her footprints. I also see myself having a bunch of kids. I love kids and it would be my dream to have a bunch! But how ever my life goes I know it won’t be bad because God never puts us through trials he knows we cannot bare. And he will always stick by our side. No matter what! We just got to call on him and we shall recieve. So whatever happens, happens.

So as you can see my past and present hasn’t been bad. But I am still in the present and I am sure life will be throwing several curve balls along the way! But I know one thing what ever happens, whatever trial I will be going through I will always have a smile on my face. Yeah it will be tough and I will want to give up. But I know that I can’t take steps back. That if I can’t move foward this journey then I need to just stay in place and sooner or later my God will give me a little shove to keep me going!!

My Testimony


This is my testimony! When I was 10 I got the horrible news that I would need several eye surgries. I know doesn’t sound that serious right? Well it was! The doctor said the surgery was very serious! I had to have a surgrey where they took my whole eye lid off and move it up. My eye lids were so droopy that I was losing my vision. I had no peripheral vison. And one of my eyes (can’t remember which one) tear duct wasn’t working. And the doctor said I would have to have about six surgreys. One to fix my tear duct and five to fix my eye lids. Now being 10 and finding out that I had to have that many surgreys was a pretty scary thing to hear! So a few months went one and on January 12, 2009 I had the surgrey. And I recovered with flying colors. So I had to go check up with my doctor 6 weeks after the surgrey. And when she measured my eye lids she said they were completely even! And then she told me she was also able to fix my tear duct in the same surgrey! And I started crying and she said she believes there was someone in the room guiding her hand!! She said she prayed right before she started working on my eyes. And that she felt like somebody was doing the surgrey for her that she was just the person holding the equiptment! That was three years ago and my eyes are still good!! I know who was in that room! I know who was guiding her hand and was standing by my side! It was my Lord!!

My Life


My life is hetic most of the time. While my mom works nights (in the summer time) and my dad works days I am home taking care of my siblings while my mom sleeps so she can catch up on some much needed rest. And let me tell you taking care of three kids isn’t the easiest thing to do. And then as a little “side job” I guess you can say I babysit. And by the time the day is through I am worn out!! And so I made this blog so I can just release some of my stress and anger. I love to type and I figured what wouldn’t be a better way to let all my stress and anger out than writting? So here I am writting. I know it probably seems weird to most people but hey it relaxes me!